Conference Proceedings

9:00 AM
Pre-conference Seminar: Accelerated Learning Forum: Spatial Analytics for a Resilient Grid
Pre-conference Seminar: Plugging In: Commercial EVs are Here. Now What?
1:30 PM
101: Super Session - Ideas and Initiatives Driving Decarbonization and Grid Modernization
3:00 PM
201: Super Session - Taking Action on Data-driven Insights for Vegetation Management
202: Super Session - Same Words but Different Worlds
4:15 PM
General Session 1-Critical Infrastructure at Critical Times
8:30 AM
General Session 2: Resource Requirements for the Future Grid
10:00 AM
301: The Control Room Operator of the Future
302: DER Recovery & Transformation in Puerto Rico
303: So We've Done the TRMM Assessment, Now What?
304: The Blind Side - Using Sensors to Visualize Distribution Assets
305: Cultivating a Culture for Data and Analytics Transformation
10:45 AM
401: Building a Grid More Resilient to Weather, DER’s and Rising Consumer Expectations
402: Duke Energy Distribution Microgrids - Inverter-based Resources
403: Conceptual Approaches to the New Resiliency
404: Preparing Grids to Meet the Growing Demand for EV Fleet Charging
2:30 PM
501: Utilizing Analytics to Identify Line Losses
502: Modernizing the Settlements Process
503: DERMS for High-Renewable Penetration Scenarios
504: Streamlining Restoration Efforts Using No-code Apps and Data Visualization
3:15 PM
601: Grid Modernization and Resilience with GIS
602: The Role of After-Action Reviews During Storm Response in Creating Real-time Safety-CANCELED
603: PPL’s Transformational Journey to Cloud Analytics
604: Utility Strategies for Structural Resiliency of Distribution Overhead Lines
605: A Maintenance Hat Trick: Safety, Cost, and Reliability
4:15 PM
General Session 3: The Energy Transition and the Grid We Need to Support It
9:00 AM
701: Zero-Trust Applications for the Grid (ZTAG)
702: Future Utility Engineers
703: Harmonization of the Electrified Transportation and Electricity Ecosystems
704: Advanced Communications over Redundant Passive Optical Networks
10:30 AM
801: Grid Monitoring and Asset Management: A Case Study from Alabama Power
802: Can the Transmission Grid Support a Mass Transition to EVs?
803: Accelerating Industry Response to Climate Change and Wildfire Risk Mitigation
804: Innovation and Technology to Meet T&D Challenges
11:30 AM
General Session 4: Transmission Planning for a Cleaner and More Resilient Grid