Illuminating the future of energy

The world of electricity is at a major inflection point. It’s more challenging than ever to deliver safe, affordable, reliable, sustainable electricity, and we need that electricity now more than ever.

T&D World Conference and Exhibition is a new type of live event that focuses on answering the tough questions and fostering new ways of thinking in the industry. With a small, intimate exhibition, T&D World Conference and Exhibition is centered on creating conversations that drive the industry forward.

  • How will utilities rise to the challenge of a changing climate?
  • How can the power grid cope with customers who can generate their own power?
  • How quickly can the energy sector achieve net-zero carbon emissions? 
  • Can the transportation sector really run on electricity?


We're looking for speakers who will address the tough questions and help foster new ways of thinking in the industry. We're focused on creating and facilitating conversations that will drive the industry forward. Do you have something to share? Submit a proposal today.