Full Name
Stewart Ramsey
Job Title
Managing Executive
Vanry Associates
Speaker Bio
Stewart Ramsay brings more than 40 years of experience in leadership, consulting and engineering roles in the global utility and manufacturing industries. He is an experienced utility and technology executive valued for his “start-up” and “turn around” capabilities. Stewart has extensive expertise in strategic planning, asset and performance management, wildfire risk mitigation, and developing organizational effectiveness and productive stakeholder relationships.
An expert on industry strategic directions and the nexus of technology, processes, and people/culture, Stewart is often engaged in supporting clients in making significant shifts in perspectives and performance. He has contributed to the development of regulatory strategy at both a national and state/provincial level in several countries.
Stewart leads VANRY Associates’ utility engagements partnering with executive clients in the areas of grid transformation, strategic and regulatory planning, organizational and process audits and developing leaders. He excels in building alignment internally with teams and externally with stakeholders and is recognized for facilitating productive meetings that forge enduring relationships.
Stewart is one of the founding Working Group conveners for the International Wildfire Risk Mitigation Consortium, working with a global group of utilities identifying and sharing best practices and innovations related to wildfire and wildfire risk mitigation.
Prior to joining VANRY, Stewart was the CEO of Smart Wire Grid, Inc. where he led the start-up organization in its ability to take its technology from laboratory to pilot project to commercial sales in less than 18 months. As the President of CTC Cable, (the manufacturer of the advanced High Temperature – Low Sag conductor) Stewart provided the leadership necessary to turn around the technical, operational and financial performance of the company. He worked with the industry to build the trust and acceptance of the advanced conductor technology and provided the strategy and leadership that rebuilt the global sales of the product.
A former officer at both American Electric Power and Pacific Gas and Electric, Stewart was heavily involved in innovative approaches to modernizing the grid. He had long been a strong proponent of the creation of adaptive, self-healing grids using a range of smart grid technologies on both the utility and customer side of the meter. In both organizations he led significant advances in the adoption of innovation shifting capabilities and culture. Stewart collaborated with regulators to establish performance targets tied to funding of investments.
Stewart has served in several external Board and Advisory positions including being elected to the Member Advisory Committee of Peak Reliability that served the Western Interconnection of North America. Stewart earned a BSEE in Power Systems, from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and a Professional Engineer License in the State of Florida. He is based in Nokomis, FL.
Stewart Ramsey