Podcast: Planning for the Unknown: Climate Science and Extreme Scenarios
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 7:00 AM
Judsen Bruzgul Martin Altman

Rapid climate change has brought new challenges that can directly and indirectly impact multiple dimensions of the utility business. Utilities must act now. However, utility planning — based on historical information alone — misses the mark. Tomorrow’s climate won’t be like yesterday’s, so historical observations are not a sufficient barometer for future risks.

This podcast will explore the use of climate science in utility planning and investment decision making, providing real-world examples of how utilities are translating climate science into information they can use in their business today. The session also will provide information on requirements for climate assessments in federal funding and potential benefits of insurance costs for utilities.


  • What climate science provides to utility planners and emergency managers and ways to fill the gaps to inform decisions today
  • Techniques for managing uncertainty in future climate information to avoid being paralyzed by data
  • Examples of utilities incorporating forward-looking climate information on gradual change and extremes into their asset management, planning and operations
  • Information on climate-risk requirements for federal funding to utilities
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Judsen Bruzgul, Senior Director Climate Resilience