Full Name
Tyler Smith
Job Title
Technology Thought Leader
FTS, Inc.
Speaker Bio
For the last 12 years, Tyler Smith has been leading all US Wildfire activities at FTS Forest Technology Systems Ltd. Tyler’s education background is Electronic Engineering and its application to environmental science. Tyler specializes in applying technology solutions to help organizations and communities prepare for wildfire.

Some of the problems he works on include community wildfire protection, wildfire danger monitoring and alerting, mitigating wildfire risk, and most importantly improving wildfire outcomes. Tyler’s technical capabilities enable him to apply technologies such as remote telemetry, remote communications, real time monitoring and remote sensing, remote solar power applications and GIS enabled situational awareness. This combination of technology can enhance wildfire decision making, which ultimately leads to better wildfire outcomes.
Tyler believes the right tools and technology can make a big difference for wildland fire fighters, impacted communities, organizations with unprecedented levels of risk and the overall well being of the global environment.
Tyler Smith