Full Name
Amanda Freick
Job Title
Vice President, North American Sales
Speaker Bio
Never content with the status quo if she can think of a better way, Amanda Freick is on a mission to enable a responsible energy future. As vice president of North American sales for Micatu, a leader in cutting-edge optical sensing technology, Amanda oversees strategic partnership and solution delivery across the continent. A natural leader and listener, she excels at the creative strategizing and problem- solving that gets jobs done.

At Micatu, Amanda brings more than a decade of experience working with and for electric utilities. In her previous roles, she worked across the spectrum of field operations, including underground cable replacement, reliability indices, substation metering, and electric distribution design. In 2015, Amanda moved to the sales side of engineering, utilizing her practical experience to help implement and provide technical support for such projects as line sensor technology, fire mitigation, grid modernization, and resiliency, always with an eye to finding the best way to utilize new technology.

Amanda’s aptitude and passion for engineering clearly come naturally, and both her father and grandfather were also engineers. She attended California Polytechnic State
University–San Luis Obispo, where she got her Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering. Upon graduation, she immediately began troubleshooting operations and distribution projects, beginning in the San Diego area and moving throughout the U.S. and Canada. Today, Amanda applies her critical thinking and conceptualization skills
from her home near Tucson, Arizona.
Amanda Freick