Full Name
William Trono
Job Title
Managing Engineer
Speaker Bio
Dr. Trono specializes in evaluating the design and performance of buildings and other structures in many different contexts. He has assessed structural damage associated with earthquakes, extreme winds, fire (including wildland fires), ground movement (including landslides), vehicle impact, moisture exposure (including water intrusion, plumbing failures, and ventilation issues), corrosion (including prestressing cables, structural steel, and reinforcing bars), metal fatigue, and wood decay. He has evaluated the performance of electrical transmission and distribution structures (including analysis of conductors, hardware, and structures under extreme wind conditions; failure analysis of support structures and hardware; and evaluation of code requirements for such structures). He has investigated the collapse of temporary structures during construction (including cranes and shoring systems) and has investigated damage associated with adjacent construction projects. He has also made preconstruction condition surveys and implemented measures to monitor buildings during adjacent construction projects
William Trono