Full Name
David James
Job Title
Wildfire Resiliency Plan Manager
Speaker Bio
David joined Avista/WWP in 1991 and worked as a transmission design engineer until joining the transmission operations group in 1998. He has worked on transmission and distribution energy delivery systems for the bulk of his career including serving as the section manager for both transmission and distribution engineering. He has served as operating representative to the Western Energy Coordinating Council (WECC) and the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP) and was instrumental in the development of the power reserves sharing agreement that currently exists between northwest utilities.

In 2006, he helped Gonzaga University develop a Transmission & Distribution graduate level ‘certificate’ program which included 5 courses specific to T&D systems design and operations. The program has matured and now Gonzaga offers a full master’s degree in T&D Engineering. David continues to serve as an adjunct faculty and teaches engineering physics each spring.

He is currently developing Avista’s wildfire mitigation program in response to the increasing threat of large wildfire events in the western United States. This work is unveiling in the 2020 fire season and is expected to protect lives, property, and infrastructure from the threat of wildfire.

David has been a licensed electrical engineer in the State of Washington since 1993.
David James