Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems: Part 2, Partnerships and Integration
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 22, 2021, 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
Zach Caruso Bryant Komo

The distributed energy management system (DERMS) concept is has grown increasingly relevant as DERs proliferate across utility distribution networks. At a high level, DERMS is a software-based tool that allows utilities to manage DER on the network. 

Session 1: Reactive Power Dispatch Simulation Based on Market Signals
SGS simulated a Day-Ahead Reactive Power market supplied by large DER to large reactive power loads on one of Avangrid’s RG&E substations to determine the feasibility of such a market and to determine the effects on key system parameters. SGS ran simulations both with and without the Reactive Power Market in-place so that the two scenarios could be compared. Simulations were also ran to compare the effect of the Reactive Power Market with the pre-existing fixed capacitor banks in-service on the feeders coming out of the studied substation and with them out of service. Results demonstrate some of the potential and challenges that Reactive Power Markets may have if they are implemented on the distribution system in the future.

Session 2: Drivers and Considerations for Integrating DER into Distribution Network Management
With growing demand to include DER in the generation mix and the complexity to include DER on the grid edge, this session will cover the business case for DER options as well as lessons learned by incorporating DER and using ADMS functionality to successfully integrate DER into the distribution grid. In this session, Herschel Arant from Central Georgia EMC will discuss how the utility was able to integrate DER and storage assets, and considerations to include DER in the distribution generation mix.

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