Full Name
Paul Wagner
Job Title
Senior IT Manager
Duke Energy
Speaker Bio
Paul Wagner began his I.T. career in the Air Force performing analog encryption for secure communications. He has worked across multiple industries including Defense, Manufacturing, Finance, Telecommunications, Utilities, eCommerce and Software Sales, has played nearly every role in the Software Development lifecycle from Programmer to Designer to Account Manager and people leader, and brings a broad range of Subject Matter Expertise to any organization, or program, he leads.

Paul’s deep experience, out of the box thinking, and multi-disciplinary approach to managing the people and processes that are utilized to create and support great technology, make him an ideal leader for the most challenging circumstances facing large corporations.

When he is not working, Paul is a ghost writer, a mentor to young authors, and a dedicated family man. His wife politely requests that you do not ask Paul about The Federal Reserve, fractional banking, or The Bilderberg Group. She thanks you.