Full Name
Scott Waldmann
Job Title
Manager II – GIS, Centralized Design, and Residential Development
Duke Energy
Speaker Bio
Scott Waldmann began his career at Duke Energy directly out of college where he received his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida.
Scott is currently on interim leadership assignment developing Duke Energy’s GIS and Data Integrity Strategy. This assignment is developing a GIS & Data Roadmap for Customer Delivery to enable the future power grid. Throughout Scott’s 32-year career he’s held numerous leadership roles most recently in the Duke Energy Florida Region Support Organization where he was responsible for GIS and ensuring all Distribution & Transmission facilities are in the right place on the earth as well as ensuring that 1.8 million customers were connected to the right Distribution equipment. This is critical to ensuring quick power outage restoration. He was also responsible for the Builder/Developer new subdivision work that is designed and built to standards.
Scott Waldmann