Full Name
Christy Guenther
Job Title
Sr. Manager, Transmission Innovation and Business Transformation
Duke Energy
Speaker Bio
Christy has spent her career looking for a “better way” of working – using data and learning about how each industry works to always challenge others to think “why not?”. She graduated from The Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992 with a Degree in Industrial Management. From there, she went to work for software firms, setting up an international office in the UK, federal military projects, state government and other industries – carrying that same questioning attitude, prior to coming to Progress Energy in 2007. Currently, her role is in the innovation space, application development, Maximo, & Transmission Construction and Maintenance support. That work includes large data sources of system imagery, LiDAR, field inspection data, etc. Her team has been awarded 3 patents in the last 3 years and published articles including 3-D LiDAR Sees Beyond Traditional Methods | T&D World (tdworld.com) [tdworld.com]
Christy Guenther