Full Name
Ed Dukat
Job Title
Grid Resiliency Program Manager
Salt River Project
Speaker Bio
Ed Dukat is a 25-year employee at Salt River Project (SRP). Prior to SRP, Ed worked in the oil industry with Conoco Phillips for 11 years where Ed was involved in multiple disciplines: credit card marketing and development, lube oil manufacturing, hazardous chemical waste transportation and strategic planning. Ed has his MBA from Arizona State University and BS from University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
Ed has worked in various departments since joining SRP in 1997 including: product marketing, New West Energy sales support, Legal, IT, and Asset Optimization. One of his current responsibilities is Power System Grid Resiliency Program Manager. Ed has held that role since 2020 but was involved with the Grid Resiliency Program since its formation in 2019. As Program Manager, his responsibilities include: governance of a cross functional operations management team, identification of vulnerabilities, threats (Including HILF threats), risk scoring and prioritization, developing and overseeing annually a resiliency roadmap of objectives for mitigation of risks, and improving Transmission Resiliency Maturity Model (TRMM) scores across SRP’s Power System through prevention, response, and recovery.
Ed Dukat