202: Super Session - Same Words but Different Worlds
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Dave Schaller

Battery electric commercial trucks have started arriving and their numbers will be growing quickly over the next 5 years. They can require high power levels for charging and will be an unexpected load on the grid if fleets and utilities don't have open communications. Unfortunately, the two industries use the same terms (such as transmission and distribution) in very different ways.  In 2021 North Amercian Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) conducted a demonstration of 13 different EV trucks in the hands of real fleets delivering their normal freight. The data and results will be shared in this session to help utilities learn about the fleets, trucks and operations. This event included an EV truck bootcamp with 10 sessions focused on different topics from truck tech to utilities, charging systems and recycling.  NACFE has six guidance reports on dozens of videos to help people learn about this huge change facing us all. Truck fleets are risk adverse organizations that need an ROI to make purchases. NACFE is an unbiased non-profit organization with a team where each member has decades of technology adoption experience. In this session, we will share freely and easily so utilities and others can learn and succeeds in a tsunami of disruptive technologies.

Session Chair:

Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
Endeavor Business Media CV Group
Editorial Director

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Mecklenburg 2
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Sheraton Charlotte Hotel
South Tower, 555 S McDowell St
Charlotte NC 28204
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Research Revelations