Full Name
Eric Poff
Job Title
Director for Substations, Telecommunications, and Metering Assets
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
Speaker Bio
Eric Poff is a Director at SMUD where he oversees the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of SMUD’s Substations, Telecommunications, and Metering Assets. He started his utility career over 20 years ago in the Mojave Desert working at the Kramer Junction Company Operating Company (KJCOC) Solar Electric Generating Systems (SEGS) and has held numerous operating leadership positions at thermal powerplants for NextEra Energy and renewable generation assets for SMUD. Eric also project managed SMUD’s new Solar and Storage Rate Design that engages customers in participating in SMUD’s 2030 Zero Carbon Plan. He serves as Treasurer for the North Valley Grid Alternatives Board and serves on other industry-related groups.

Eric earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Hawaii Pacific University.
Eric Poff