Identifying and Integrating VPPs Into the Future Grid
DER Integration Track
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 2, 2024, 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Martin Szczepanik Suleman Khan

Virtual power plants (VPPs), even those created by utilizing lower-tech assets such as water-heater timers and smart thermostats, play a pivotal role in addressing challenges posed by intermittent renewable energy generation, bi-directional power flow, and increased electrification. In this session, two speakers will present separate presentations providing insight into how VPPs can be addressed during Integrated System Planning (ISP) and how they will impact and benefit the grid of the future. Attendees will learn about strategies that allow utilities to identify high benefit-cost ratio VPPs, highlighting their role in smoothing demand curves, enhancing grid reliability, and optimizing resource utilization. They will also learn about the limitations of traditional Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) and Distribution System Planning (DSP), and be introduced to ISP as the next evolutionary step, helping identify cost-effective VPPs that otherwise cannot be identified with more traditional planning approaches. Attendees will also hear about various grid services and new value streams that are being implemented by utilities across the U.S. In addition, speakers will present examples of utility VPPs cost effectively improving grid reliability and helping better manage DERs to the benefit of the grid and their customers. Details will include how to identify performance requirements, data and visibility requirements, conduct operational coordination, compensation, measurement and verification of performance, as well as the level of control and dispatchability that VPPs require to provide reliable grid functionality.