Real-world Applications of DOE-funded Grid Projects
Future Transmission and Distribution Grid Track
Date & Time
Wednesday, October 2, 2024, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Glenn Wilson Joseph Benzaquen

Obtaining DOE funding for grid projects requires not just an understanding of the technologies and project goals, but also deployment, reporting strategies and expected outcomes. In this session, two investor-owned utility companies will provide an overview of that process as well as specifics about their grid projects. A presenter from Commonwealth Edison will talk generally about DOE funded projects, including the process of obtaining grants and the outcomes of specific projects. Presenters from Georgia Tech and Southern Company will discuss DOE funded advanced outage management practices that are being developed to create a more dynamic and resilient transmission grid. This DOE-funded project will investigate, deploy, and demonstrate the synergistic value of two types of GETs: Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) and Advanced Power Flow Control (APFC). The project will identify and investigate the synergies between DLR and APFC to address the steady-state and transient grid stabilization/damping (i.e., system oscillation damping) functions. The project’s deployment phase, which aims to demonstrate the steady-state capabilities at the transmission level with the co-deployment of APFC and DLR solution at a selected substation in Alabama will also be explained. Lastly, the presenters will describe the validation phase, which is designed to collect, analyze, and validate the field data with the focus of providing a deeper insight into the impact of GET technologies on system reliability.