Full Name
Scott Hayes
Job Title
Principal Protection Engineer
Pacific Gas and Electric
Speaker Bio
Scott Hayes received his BSEEE from California State University, Sacramento in 1985. He started his career with Pacific Gas and Electric Company in 1984 as an intern. Since then he has held multiple positions in System Protection including supervisor, as well as Distribution Engineer, Transmission Operations Engineer, Supervising Electrical Technician, Supervising Engineer in Power Generation and is currently a Principal Protection Engineer focusing on standards, procedures, and quality. Scott has previously co-authored papers for the Western Protective Relay Conference, Georgia Tech Protective Relaying Conference, Texas A&M Conference for Protective Relay Engineers, CIGRE, TechCon Asia Pacific, CEATI Protection and Control Conference, North American Transmission Forum and Transmission and Distribution World Magazine. Topics include many aspects of protective relaying including Thermal Overload Relaying, Data Mining Relay Event Files, Effects of CCVT Ferroresonance on protective relays, PG&E’s Wires Down Program and Ground Fault Neutralizers. Scott is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of California and has served as Chairman of the Sacramento Section of the IEEE Power Engineering Society, chairman of the CEATI Protection and Control committee and Chairman of the North American Transmission Forum System Protection Practices Group. He has served as a member of a NERC Standard Drafting Team and is currently the Vice Chair of the IEEE PSRC D45 group looking at Protection Methods to Reduce Wildfire Risks due to Transmission and Distribution Line. He is also a member of the IEEE PSRC D subcommittee.
Scott Hayes