Case Study: Co-op and Muni Microgrid Experiences
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location Name
Ballroom A7

Utilities have deployed microgrids for various purposes. It could be to eliminate outages due to an aging electric grid that is met with surging demand and the integration of renewable energy sources, or to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable energy, and better understand how to optimize DERs, as well as uncover technical challenges when interconnecting them to the grid. In this session, you’ll hear how and why the city of Lodi, California, installed a community microgrid, and learn about Cobb EMC’s (Georgia) experience with its microgrid installation, which was installed for different reasons.

Presentation Takeaways:

  • How the City of Lodi evaluated solutions and ultimately chose to develop a community microgrid
  • A cost-benefit framework to use when evaluating microgrids
  • How to value resiliency and capacity
  • Best practices on the implementation of solar plus storage and microgrid projects
  • The different elements of the microgrid and technical challenges when designing the microgrid
Wayne Callender Manish Murudkar Steve Schwabauer Roy Alvarez