What will the Utility Landscape be in 30 Years?
Date & Time
Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Location Name
Ballroom A2

We are all seeing and experiencing the impacts of climate change, and utilities recognize the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Let’s fast forward to 2045, and say, the U.S. has reached net-zero carbon emissions goal. T&D utilities are using the numerous and diverse renewable and DERs available while ensuring the reliability of the systems remains a critical focus. What does the utility landscape look like at that time? This interesting session will feature three panelists/industry leaders with combined 100+ years of utility industry experience, one from an ISO, one from a vertically integrated utility and one from a distribution co-op. They will discuss their visions and share their different perspectives of the utility industry in 2045 and beyond. These panelists will answer these questions and more: What does the energy mix look like in 2045? Does the wholesale energy market still exist? Do we still have ISOs/RTOs and what are their roles? How about DSOs and aggregators? What are the operations challenges then?

Key Takeaways

• From ISO/RTO standpoint, what steps should be taken to meet the 2045 goals of clean energy for the electricity grid?

• From a vertically integrated utility, what will utilities need to prepare to meet the goals while keeping electricity reliable and affordable?

• From an electric distribution cooperative perspective, are most activities and actions happening on the distribution side, rather than transmission?

Neil Bhagat Ann Moore Hani Alarian Larry Bekkedahl Mark Gabriel