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Commercial Electric Vehicle & Infrastructure Conference (CEVIC)

CEVIC is a one-day event that precedes T&D World Live 2023. We'll bring together key players from the Commercial Fleet market, the Utility market, and Regulators to facilitate discussion, exploration, and collaboration on how to build the infrastructure necessary to support the evolution and transformation of Commercial Electric Vehicles.  

We invite you to join the conversations to help foster innovation, spark new ideas, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.


Registration includes all CEVIC event sessions, T&D World Live 2023 Opening Plenary session, breakfast, lunch, beverage breaks and a reception.

$195 on or before 8/11; $295 after 8/11


Develop collaborative partnerships, identify business growth opportunities and meet the CEVIC audience with an event sponsorship.


Charlie Allcock
Sr,  Infrastructure Advisor
International Council on Clean Transportation


Mike Rowand
Energy and Electric Transportation Consultant

Dave Schaller
Dir., Industry Engagement 

David Treichler
Dir., Strategy & Technology
Oncor Electric Delivery

Brian Wilkie
Director, Clean Energy Development
National Grid


This schedule will constantly evolve over the next few months - check back often to the latest updates to session descriptions and speakers.
This schedule has been built in PT. 


Breakfast & Kick off Remarks
Ben Sharpe, International Council on Clean Transportation


Panel Discussion: Market Sentiments & Outlook

  • OEM Perspective
  • Fleet Perspective
  • EVSE Perspective


Real World Adoption
Mike Roeth, NACFE


Panel Discussion: Target 2023 - How Many Vehicles? How Much Load?

  • Forecasts of MHD Vehicle Journey to Zero Emissions
  • Who Pays?
  • Where are Distribution Warehouses Located?


Lunch Roundtables

  • I-5 Corridor
  • Run on Less - NACFE
  • Regulations
  • California Trucking Association
  • Nationwide Charging Network


Charging Resiliency for Fleets

This session will include alternatives to utilities: microgrids and charging, hydrogen, hybrid

  • Getting grid capacity to depots and corridors 
  • Bring everything to the game - DER, charging management, storage, renewables, variable capacity criteria, switching loads to nearby circuits, temporary power, mobile energy storage devices, etc. 
  • Can we get this infrastructure built fast enough to meet ACT targets and fleet needs?
  • Alternatives to utilities, if utilities don’t provide the needed electricity, a third party will. 


Proactive Grid Readiness

  • Collaboration between Fleets and Utilities  
  • Utility representatives talk about their ongoing commercial vehicle e-mobility efforts


T&D World Live Plenary Session: Regulators’ View of Vehicle Electrification

This session is for all TDW Conference attendees but will focus on EVs.  This is an important topic for all utilities. 

Purpose of this session is to educate FOs, OEMs and utilities on the regulatory environment within which different utilities (i.e. IOUs vs Munis vs Co-ops) must work. Also, to educate the utility audience of upcoming mandates such as Advanced Clean Truck Rule and Advanced Clean Energy Rule.  


Networking Reception & Exhibit Hall Open