CEVIC is a one-day event that precedes T&D World Live 2023. We'll bring together key players from the Commercial Fleet market, the Utility market, and Regulators to facilitate discussion, exploration, and collaboration on how to build the infrastructure necessary to support the evolution and transformation of Commercial Electric Vehicles.

Our goal is for attendees to leave with the following key takeaways:

  • CEV charging infrastructure won’t be needed uniformly across the country in the early days—let’s focus on the near-term (next five years) locations and get creative about delivering capacity to fleets who are electrifying.  We all have contributions that will help the industry scale.
  • To accurately reflect future charging loads in utility distribution system plans, new forecasting methodologies are needed.  
  • The timing gap is real.  OEMs can build trucks far quicker than utilities can add new grid capacity. We can’t wish this problem away - we need to start building grid capacity in large amounts NOW.  What can stakeholders do in the meantime (today and tomorrow) to serve these charging loads from early adopters?
  • We must be realistic about how much all this will cost and create a strategy around who will pay for the necessary investments. Can utility customers be expected to shoulder all costs?
  • All impacted parties and stakeholders, including regulators, must work together to make the transition successful. Compromise will be required. 
  • We invite you to join the conversations to help foster innovation, spark new ideas, and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

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Registration includes all CEVIC event sessions, T&D World Live 2023 Opening Plenary session, breakfast, lunch, beverage breaks and a reception.

$195 on or before 8/11; $295 after 8/11


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